Bring your hotel to life
with a world of art

With BetterShareds art print rental subscription, celebrate culture and
creativity with every stay

Celebrate culture and creativity

Transform your hotel into a place of inspiration with BetterShared. We help you cultivate a world class stay for global travellers through a diverse collection of art, celebrating a world of cultures and creativity. With our art print rental subscription, you’ll provide continuous inspiration for your guests, every time.


Framed art prints

Choose from a wide range of high-quality framed art prints, created by talented artists from over 14 countries worldwide. Designed globally, produced locally.

Flexible rental terms

With our art print rental subscription, you'll always have something new to keep your workplace inspiring. Swap your art prints for a fresh collection every 6 or 12 months.

For people and planet

We have adopted a truly circular art rental model and localise print production. Additionally, artists receive rental royalties on every piece.


“The quality of the curation, the professionalism in the installations and the range of the art on display has been exceptional each time. The employees in our offices are always captivated by the art and we have received feedback on how much it brightens up the office.”

Erin Abraham – Legal Counsel at Uber


Bring your office walls to life with art
from BetterShared

Create a great working environment for everyone,
with our art print rental subscription